Capes Trade Paperback Vol 01 Punching The Clock (C: 0-1-2)

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art & cover MARK ENGLERT
SC, 7x10, 144 PAGES, FC
JULY 11 * $14.99
CAPES INC. is a business that employs super-powered individuals to protect the city of New York and occasionally, the world.  BOLT! KID THOR! KNOCK OUT! COMMANDER CAPITALISM!  They're all on the payroll - superheroes who punch a time clock, take lunch breaks and get overtime. Collects CAPES 1-3, the 72 page back-up story from INVINCIBLE, and loads of sketch material.
PRODUCT UPDATE (071107): Has 176 pages and a price point of $17.99, not 144 pages and a $14.99 price point as originally solicited.