Invader Zim Best Of Gir Tp

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ZIM's defective SIR unit has long been a thorn in his side, creating more problems than he fixes. Wait, does he fix any problems at all? So...he just creates problems. What makes this little robot alien in a green dog costume tick? (Aside from, you know, the actual mechanism inside that makes him tick.)
In these four GIR-focused stories, he's everything from infuriating to lovable. Well, not lovable to ZIM. Humans do seem to like GIR for some reason, though. Can the reason be found in the pages of this book? Eh, that's a long shot. Can the secret recipe for Flamin' Hot Cheezos be found in the pages of this book? Much more likely. Contains issues #22, 26, 33, and 38 of the Oni Press series Invader ZIM.