Swamp Thing Trade Paperback Book 01 Bad Seed

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  Written by Andy Diggle
Art and cover by Enrique Breccia
    The first story arc of the acclaimed return of SWAMP THING is collected in BAD SEED, reprinting issues #1-6 of the new ongoing series written by Andy Diggle (THE LOSERS) and illustrated by Enrique Breccia (LOVECRAFT).
    BAD SEED finds the Swamp Thing joined to the Earth itself, surpassing even his old power as the champion of the Green, and no longer inhibited by the human conscience of his original template, Alec Holland. Without this constraint, the Swamp Thing threatens to re-balance the natural world at the cost of countless human casualties - including his own daughter Tefé and his love, Abby - unless the man who originally showed him his true nature, John Constantine, can find a way to stop him.